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Project Server Database

You can see on the following link how to create the connection strings for the local Project Server databases

Care pe care

Numai mie mi se pare ca piesele astea seamana prea mult?

Enrique Iglesias – Push

Cristina Rus – Prea tarziu

Prima Odontectomie

Definitie: Odontectomie = interventia chirurgicala prin care se extrage un dinte inclus.

Am suferit si eu una saptamana trecuta pentru o masea de minte.

Efecte: 3 zile cu fata umflata (si acum incepe sa se invineteasca), buza distrusa (acum, dupa 3 zile e aproape vindecata) si niste ate cu care o sa ma joc pana dupa Pasti.

Partea buna e ca pana la urmatoarea odontectomie (peste 2-3 saptamani) am timp sa uit :).

Escape curly brakets in string.format

You can do this by using double curly brakets 🙂


Check from .aspx page whether the javascript of the browser is enabled or not

Using this:
<noscript><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=/showbrow.asp?

you can find if javascript is enabled, but is not a good solution.

If no js is enabled it runs the meta tag which is just a redirect so the page is being executed twice, as you can see.

If js is disabled, the page runs fine and so it redirects. Disable javascript and meta redirects and their entire product fails.

Setting border on ImageButton

Because ASP.NET is trying to help us by inserting an Inline style of border-width:0px, if we want to set a border we have two solutions for doing this:
1) Create a CustomButton that inherites from ImageButton and override the BorderWidth
2) Set border inline